The lights goes out, the LED spots and LED DJ booth on, the beats blows out of the speakers. That is the LED DJ Show Supreme! The LED DJ Show Supreme is provided by our professional DJ. With his LED DJ booth he conjures up the best house beats from the powerful sound system. Because of the spectacular effect of the light haze in the room and the four LED moving heads on the illuminated LED pillars this is the most booked LED DJ Show.

The LED DJ Show Supreme is always equipped with an all-round DJ that plays exactly the right music. The DJ is experienced, socially skilled and well dressed. The LED DJ Show Supreme makes your event a top party! It is also possible to let the DJ play background and lounge music. If desired, also possible to supplement with live entertainment such as a saxophonist, singer or percussionist.

This most booked DJ show can also be expanded with an LED star cloth behind the DJ, LED TV screens in the pillars for visuals or LED aircones in the hall.

Curious about the possibilities? Contact us directly or view our business unit MEB-DJ-Shows for all options

  • Playing time: 1 x 300 minutes
  • Occupation: Allround DJ
  • Technic / Sound: A-set
  • Light(show): Inbegrepen

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