From Europe to Australia, Asia to North and South America! For four years, The Mobiles’ world tour has taken the trio to places many an artist can only dream of. But this also made the good-looking gents appreciate our little chilly country more than ever. They now rather put their heart and soul into performing in the Netherlands and they do this on every m2 of your wedding or company party, food truck festivals, terraces and get-togethers. Even if this is difficult or even impossible for other bands, they find a way to make this work!

Nothing stops The Mobiles from playing at every venue or every event. For their performances, they use a battery-operated speaker that is also completely mobile.

Like their venue, their repertoire ranges from left to right. From Mart Hoogkamer to Neil Diamond and from Kriss Kross Amsterdam to Bon Jovi. They play this, with their (bass) guitar and electric drum, and sing it all!

  • Playtime: 3 x 30 minutes within 3 hours
  • Occupation: 3 person
  • Sound: irrelevant
  • Light: not included
  • Time technical arrives: irrelevant

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