Live piano entertainment where the audience decides what is played! Request your favorite song because these piano entertainers can play everything!

PianoParty works with a permanent team of pianists and drummers so the quality is guaranteed and the show is always unique and special.

Book PianoParty for an evening event or a private party. Request your favorite song at PianoParty and let’s dance!

The black and white styling of the band is unique. In addition, they feel and understanding the will of audience. Therefore they can optionally play one or more sets in a constructive manner during, for example, a drink or dinner setting.

  • Playing time: 3x 60 minutes
  • Occupation: 3 person
  • Sound: tot 250 person
  • Light included: 2x tripod LED frontlight, 2x standard on stage with 2 x moving head, 1 x fied LED spot, or similar
  • Scene: 2x roll-up banner on stage, paper & pencils in the room
  • Backline: 2x small pianos, 1x drum kit
  • Time technical arrives: 3 uur earlier
  • Max time between ready to play and the end of the last set: 5 uur
  • Start of dismantling: directly after last set

Information request

For more information about our acts, please contact us using the form below. Do you want to book an artist? This is possible through a booking agency from the Netherlands and abroad.