Monique is a talented young lady, equipped with her saxophone and her long career that started with a hobby. In the meantime she has grown into an international sensation. Monique on Sax has graduated from a conservatory and knows better than anyone how she can completely blow away the audience with her saxophone! Her years of experience in the Hermes House Band have broadened her horizons to Dubai, England, Qatar and Australia. She was there on stage at many parties and events.

Monique on Sax feels at home in all markets with her saxophone. From pop to funk, from lounge to classics and from Dutch to house bangers. Monique on Sax is the saxophonist in support of your DJ! A smashing performance with diversity and many musical highlights is guaranteed!

  • Playing time: 120 minutes freestyle
  • Occupation: 1 person
  • Sound: not included
  • Light: not included
  • Backline: microphone / channel set
  • Time technical arrives: not applicable

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