De Rode Lopers

These three true musicians play and sing the very best hits in music history in an acoustic way. With a moving drum set, a double bass and a guitar they literally play from front to back and from left to right at every party.

With a compact speaker on battery (which is also fully mobile) they amplify the vocals, guitar and double bass, so that the act always comes into its own.

Red is the color of passion and love. And this is exactly what De Rode Lopers want to convey. A sensitive love song, a rock classic or a tearjerker! Through their many years of experience, they know exactly how to create the right ambiance at the right time.

Other information

  • Playtime: 3x 45 minutes within 180 minutes
  • Occupation: 3 person
  • Sound: not applicable
  • Light: not applicable
  • Time  technical arrives: not applicable

Request information

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